Audio-Design ™ Portable iPod Music System A song-filled iPod, Mini iPod or Nano acts as an electronic DJ for spontaneous celebrations. Simply the docking station on the left side of Tivoli Audio Audio-Design fold out, select one of the included seven iPod adapters, insert the iPod and start playback. The Audio-Design from Tivoli Audio becomes a stereo system when the second loudspeaker is plugged into the right side of the Tivoli radio like a Lego chip. 

Optimal sound experiences arise when the speaker cable is pulled out to the maximum length of two meters and both elements are placed as far apart as possible. The cable of the second loudspeaker can be rolled up in the housing completely invisibly with the help of a turntable on the back after use. The sound system from Tivoli Audio is complemented with a remote control that not only controls all functions of the Audio-Design , but also controls the iPod. The Audio-Design and iPod are powered by the integrated charger. 

It is fully mobile with six batteries or with rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, which are inserted into the integrated charger of the Audio-Design . Whether with batteries or rechargeable batteries: while Audio-Design by Tivoli Audio plays the stored songs, it recharges the iPod at the same time. Supplied without iPod.

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